Psych N Sex

Psych N Sex is an innovative platform that aims to make social science digestible to the masses. Recognizing that our psychology and sexual health are inextricably linked - as well as how they influenced by our social world, society, and culture - this online mag seeks "to start conversations in a safe, inclusive space and bridge the substantial educational gaps in the world of sexuality & psychology." 

I was honoured when Psych N Sex reached out for an interview. I partook delightedly, and the result can be found here

I recommend you go check out their extensive glossary of articles running the gambit from familiarizing ourselves with people's preferred gender pronouns (e.g. he/him/his, xe/xem/xyrs, etc.) to understanding celibacy. Every article is imbued with self-love and self-care advocacy and guidance. I love them, and you should to!

Discorder Magazine

Discorder Magazine is "that salty magazine from CiTR101.9FM”. Published since 1983, Discorder is the University of British Columbia's music and culture magazine, product of CiTR radio, and free to all living in Vancouver. 

CiTR began as a student club in 1937 and later garnered non-profit status and an FM dial in 1982. Broadcasting 100+ locally-focused radio programs in 7 different languages, y'all should peep CiTR101.9FM and it's programming here.

The Founder of "so, I had an abortion..." sat down with Discorder Mag for an interview about the importance of telling our abortion stories and the inception of the project. Published in the mag's May 2017 issue, the piece can be found on page 19.


The Opal Club

The Opal Club is an online community of badass boss ladies. Started as a senior thesis on sexuality vs. sexualization of young girls, it aims to "be a real and raw anthropology of womanhood at all ages and to empower ladies and create an amazing, supportive collective" and offers space for people to engage with political, social, and health issues.

The Founder of "so, I had an abortion..." was approached by The Opal Club to write for the online magazine. Hopefully, we will continue to collaborate in an effort to keep people talking about abortion and how it is not simply a cisgendered woman's struggle, but rather a social, economic, political, health, human rights issue that affects us all. 

For our first piece together, please click here.

Be sure to follow The Opal Club and consider signing up for a subscription to these trail blazers' musings!

Instagram: @theopalclub_


Babe Waves

Babe Waves is CiTR (101.9FM)'s Gender Empowerment Collective’s radio show. The collective is a intersectional feminist space where people come together and talk about "issues, concerns, and experiences of women, transgender, intersex, Two-Spirit, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and gender fluid folks and allies" 

Please fill your ears and heart with their wonderfully inclusive waves, and follow them on social media at:

Instagram/Twitter: @Babe_Waves



For Babe Waves' interview with me and the inception of "So, I had an abortion...", click here.

Loss & Found

A space dedicated to expressing and working through loss and grief, Loss & Found is an invaluable resource to all. Founder and Death Doula RayRay is not only a healer, but a social justice warrior to boot! I am endlessly thankful for making connections with such authentic every day emotional labourers. Please take the time to explore all Loss & Found has to offer!

As for my feature, please see my loss(t) convo with RayRay. Love to you all <3