Welcome to "so, I had an abortion..." a safe space for your stories of pregnancy termination.

Why tell abortion stories?

Fear and stigma surrounding abortion have coalesced to silence those of us who have made the decision to terminate our pregnancy/ies, or supported a loved one (friend; family; lover) in doing so.

This silence only lends strength to the dominant narrative that is highly moralised, politicised, unfair, and does not reflect our truths and/or needs.

Storytelling is a transformative practice for tellers and receivers alike. Our stories offer space for love (for ourselves and one another) by way of compassion, empathy, solace, validation, guidance, and so on. They are complex, diverse, and rich in lessons that broaden every body’s understanding of the who, what, where, when, why and how of abortion, as well as the needs of those of us who have had or will need one (or more!)

Whatever your circumstance, however you identify, wherever you find yourself, your story is yours to claim... do so shameLESSly! 

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