Psych N Sex

Psych N Sex is an innovative platform that aims to make social science digestible to the masses. Recognizing that our psychology and sexual health are inextricably linked - as well as how they influenced by our social world, society, and culture - this online mag seeks "to start conversations in a safe, inclusive space and bridge the substantial educational gaps in the world of sexuality & psychology." 

I was honoured when Psych N Sex reached out for an interview. I partook delightedly, and the result can be found here

I recommend you go check out their extensive glossary of articles running the gambit from familiarizing ourselves with people's preferred gender pronouns (e.g. he/him/his, xe/xem/xyrs, etc.) to understanding celibacy. Every article is imbued with self-love and self-care advocacy and guidance. I love them, and you should to!