Relief and gratitude

When my daughter was 1 1/2 I found out I was pregnant again. I was in shock because I was still breastfeeding often and I was cautious the rare time I had sex. When I saw the test results I was filled with dread. I was already so depleted and exhausted. The thought of having another child seemed terrifying and impossible. I didn’t want to be pregnant.

I’m lucky. I felt safe enough to share what was going on with friends and family. They supported me and understood that I didn’t want another baby. 

I called a nearby clinic and had an appointment within 2 weeks. I was a bit nervous about the procedure and stressed about the recovery with a little one to care for. My mom came with me and my husband took time off work. I was amazed by how wonderful everyone at the clinic was and how cared for I felt. It wasn’t scary or painful for me. I felt relaxed and relieved afterwards. I kept waiting for the grief or shame I thought I was supposed to feel but it never came. I feel immense gratitude that I live in a city where I can access an abortion with such ease and safety. Everyone deserves that. 

I try to share my story whenever I can because I want dispel stigma. And because I’m not ashamed of my choice.