Anyone who has made, or supported a loved one (family; friends; partner) in making the decision to terminate a pregnancy.

EVERY body is welcome to share their stories. Reproductive Justice is as much about gender, race, economics, environment, culture, and ability as it is about access to safe and affordable pregnancy prevention, care, and/or termination for all.


To avoid having any negative content, all content must be vetted by the site administrator prior to being posted. Your work will not be edited, nor censored (profanity welcome). The objective is to keep this a safe space free of hateful messaging.

Be mindful of other people's experiences and include trigger warnings wherever/whenever necessary.

All stories will be confidential, published with no identifying information. As such, please either come up with pseudonyms (or something as simple as "person X", "place Y"). 


Once you are ready to share your story, please submit it through the form on the Contact page.

You will be asked to check "yes" to familiarizing yourself with the Consent process, consenting to having your story published online. This Consent page details your rights and considerations.

Be sure to submit your stories with a title and according to the following:


There are many ways you can write a narrative: expressive discourse, poems, parables, etc.

  • No more than 650 words

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There are many mediums through which you can express yourself visually: photography, illustration, collage, etc. Please submit:

  • PDF or jpeg format

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There are many ways to capture a story in audio/video form: song, monologue, soundscape, etc.

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  • Both: Limit description/blurb to 250 words

Again, be as honest, creative, explicit and/or vulnerable as you see fit.


Stories are published every Wednesday. Keep in mind that stories are published in the order that they were received and they get published one at a time. This means that yours may not be published the Wednesday after your submission.