Welcome to So, I had an abortion... A space dedicated to stories about abortions.

Why So, I had an abortion...?

The fear and stigma surrounding abortion have coalesced to silence those of us who have sought out, undergone, or supported a loved one in accessing one.

Unfortunately, this silence only lends strength to the dominant abortion narrative - one that is highly moralised and politicised; one that is unfair; one that does not reflect our truths. It is my hope that by sharing our stories here, we may grow a collective voice large to lift the shroud of stigma and disrupt discourse toward social change. 


To provide a safe space for people to share their stories in an effort to motivate more people to talk about abortions freely, without fear or stigma.

Let's destigmatize it!


Above all, this needs to remain a safe and respectful space where we can support one another in sharing our stories. As such, please consider the following values when reading or submitting stories:

  • Honesty & compassion: please approach this space with sincerity. Bring openness and vulnerability to the sharing of your stories as well as to the reading of others'. Let's keep this a judgement-free zone.
  • Freedom (of expression): please feel free to express yourself in whichever way you feel best represents your experience(s). Please reciprocate and respect other people's freedom to express themselves however they see fit.
  • Wholeness: we are in this together. Please view this space as a sharing space where we all contribute to the destigmatization of abortion.